Take a look at the scenery of Peam Krum Boeung Kak

បានប្រកាសនៅ Travel នៅJuly 29 2019 at 05:12 PM
The scenic spots of the tourist area of Peam Krasaob in the mangrove forest of Banjang can not be missed. You just go to Peam Krasob Commune, about 7 kilometers from Khemarak Phoumin, Koh Kong Province. You will find a mixed nature resort by mangrove forest.
In addition, they can take a boat, watch the scenery, listen to animals, cry, watch fish and enjoy sunlight Squeeze it with water. On the other hand, tourists often do not forget to take pictures with dense mangrove trees Long bridge length. In the rainy season and the climate of the rainy season, the visitors feel cool and relaxed Not tired. As you move forward, you will reach the bridge with a towering tower The beautiful mangrove beauty of the mangrove forest.

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