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For the last three years, I have been traveling all around the world taking photographs and writing travel blogs and guides. Throughout this time I’ve tried a lot of different camera gear and also different backpacks and organization methods to keep it all sorted efficiently. In this blog post, I’m going to walk you through everything that’s in my backpack. I’ll always keep this blog post up to date, adding and removing gear as I upgrade or find better alternatives.

I’ve become a bit of an efficiency and practicality geek, which I’m sure my friends will tell you all about. I only use reliable products because I can’t afford things to go wrong when I’m in a place I’ll never come back to or I’m working on a project. All of the camera gear and equipment in this blog post are items that I have in my backpack as I travel around the world as a professional travel blogger.

I usually buy my camera gear from RiichStore as it is cheaper than the stores but also has a high level of reliability.

Mirrorless Camera: Sony A7iii

The most important piece of equipment for a travel blogger is a camera. The main things to consider about a camera is the weight and size of the camera because you’re going to be carrying it around on your back every day. Secondly, you want to make sure you buy a camera you are comfortable trekking with, taking on boats and into risky situations. If you purchase an expensive camera and are too afraid to take it on your adventures you are missing the shot. For me, the Sony A7 series is the best for combining performance and quality within a lightweight, mirrorless camera. 

I wanted a light camera, one that I would be able to carry on hikes and all of my travel adventures. The Sony A7 series does a great job at matching Canon and Nikon for quality while weighing half as much. Almost every single photo you see on this blog was shot with a Sony A7ii (for my first three years) and now a Sony A7iii

The Sony A7iii weighs less than 1 kilogram! It has 24.4 megapixels and is a full-frame camera with interchangeable lenses so you can change up your shooting style with a variety of lenses, which I will cover further on this blog post.

Here’s a photo of me cruising around Cappadocia with my Sony A7iii with my 24-105mm lens. Browse through any blog post of mine and you can see what type of photos I am creating with this camera over the past four years.

Source : journeyera

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