Recharging Your Presentation Energy

Posted in Learning & Education on August 11 2019 at 03:08 PM

Have you ever reached a point prior to, or while speaking your favorite speech, workshop, or Power Point presentation, when you are totally zapped of any energy? Perhaps you immediately go into panic mode, or think you are boring your audience, or wish you could simply end this now. Well, you are not alone as most of us have been there too.

Nevertheless, here are steps to recharge your energy when you need it the most.

Recharge Step #1: Breathe deeply for about 3-5 seconds to regain your body and mind relaxation. This will release the muscle tension in your voice to lessen a monotone sound or a high weak pitch level. Continue to breathe to fill up your voice tank with air power while zoning into your mind focus of "Okay, I've got this!" Breathing helps to de-clutter your brain, and it's the powerhouse of energy projection.

Recharge Step #2: Smile! Yes, that really helps to pull you out of your battery loss. Think of yourself as a winner in race, a lottery prize, or a trip around the world. Any personal positive image that you know will trigger your start button, like starting up your car. This will boost your sparkle to keep your listeners interested.

Recharge Step #3: Go beyond breathing. Transfer this new-found inner strength to your audience with animation and passion. Walk around your space as you speak showing your energy with movement, excitement, and personal interaction with your listeners. Feel the purpose of your message as if it's the vital reason you must now share with your audience.

Tell your story or example with emotional impact and don't be afraid to let it all out there, whether it's serious, funny, or mysterious. Enjoy your presentation as you go from one point to another. Without passion an actor who performs never touches his audience. Well, it's same with a speaker.

I remember on one occasion almost falling asleep just before I was to present to a 50-member audience. So, I knew I had to go into instant recharge mode. I switched my opening warm-up to a new one that allowed me and the audience to move and interact. I felt the energy and passion that I was able to pass forward to my audience.

The next time your presentation batteries are dying, give them a boost with these recharging steps. Here's to your new refreshed voice power impact!

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