10 best selfie phones in the world

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10 best selfie phones in the world

Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G (99 points)

The front-facing "mole" Infiniti-O camera of the Galaxy Note10 + 5G has a resolution of 10 megapixels, up from 8 megapixels compared to the Galaxy Note9. DxOMark rated the department at 103 points of photography and 93 points of video recording.

The advantage of taking photos with Samsung's front camera is the ability to focus well, good white balance in many lighting conditions, wide focusing range, effects remove natural fonts and good exposure. However, the photos taken on the device easily lose detail, unrealistic skin color, especially with low light.

With video recording capabilities, the camera's advantage is keeping fine details, low noise, accurate autofocus, fast and stable. However, with low light, video quality becomes worse, images are susceptible to noise and blur.

10 best selfie phones in the world

Asus ZenFone 6 (98 points)

With a flip-over design, the ZenFone 6 camera handles both rear and front cameras. It uses dual sensors, 48 ​​megapixel (standard) and 13 megapixel (super wide) resolution.

The camera's imaging capabilities reach 101 points, which is positively commented on keeping fine details and effectively reducing facial noise, precise autofocus at every distance, natural skin tone. However, photos taken from it are susceptible to noise in low light, difficult to identify when taking selfies and appear red eye when shooting with flash.

Video recording capability of the device reaches 93 points similar to Note10 + 5G. The rotating clip has low noise, keeps the details well, and stabilizes the shake. However, focusing is not stable, especially when shooting group videos.

10 best selfie phones in the world

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (97 points)

Taking photos on the front dual camera of the Galaxy S10 5G reaches 101 points, with the advantage of accurate face focus, fast focusing speed in many conditions, good noise control, keeping fine details even with light. weak. However, in many cases the photo is lost in detail, the background is not good in low light, the limited focus range when taking a group selfie makes the subject distorted or out of focus.

Video recording with the front camera of the Galaxy S10 5G reaches 90 points. Clip recording is of high quality, pleasing skin tones, realistic colors, fast focus, good noise control and image detail when shooting in indoor environments.

10 best selfie phones in the world

Samsung Galaxy S10 + (96 points)

The front-facing camera spot of the Galaxy S10 + reaches 101. Selfies for pleasant skin tones, white balance, color display and good noise control, accurate autofocus, effective subject isolation and effective Natural blur when shooting delete fonts. However, the weak point of the camera is that the narrow depth of field makes the photo lack softness, dullness and loss of detail in low-light environments as well as the contrast sometimes pushed up too far.

Video recording capabilities with the front camera of the Galaxy S10 + is also appreciated, with 88 points. Its advantages are accurate identification and focus in most conditions, realistic skin tones and colors, controlled noise in low light, and video stabilization. However, some still scenes, the anti-vibration is not as expected.

10 best selfie phones in the world

Google Pixel 3 (92 points)

Google's smartphone is equipped with a dual camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels (f / 1.8 and f / 2.2 aperture), the ability to take pictures reaching 99 points. Its advantages are fine focusing at every distance, keeping image details, face recognition accurate. However, the low light is still quite noisy, the blue color is pushed up too high.

The video recording through this camera reaches 83 points. Video recording is kept well in both indoor and outdoor conditions, low noise, accurate face detection, but the blur effect when the subject is moving fast and the white balance is not good.

10 best selfie phones in the world

Samsung Galaxy Note9 (92 points)

Samsung's one-year-old smartphone has a selfie camera score with Google Pixel 3. It is rated 96 points for photography and 86 points for video recording.

Regarding the ability to take photos, Note9 has the advantage of face noise control, accurate autofocus, good subject isolation when shooting fonts. However, in HDR scenes, the contrast and tones are pushed up. Video recording is also performed well, fast face recognition, pleasant skin color, anti-noise, but the focus sometimes is not accurate.

10 best selfie phones in the world

Huawei P30 Pro (89 points)

Smartphone from China has 32-megapixel front camera, reaching 90 points for photography and 88 points for video recording. The advantage of selfie with P30 Pro is the ability to expose well, keep details, control noise, correct white balance. However, photos of this camera's face are not true, not natural.

With video, the P30 Pro's front-facing camera for beautiful scenes in indoor and outdoor environments. However, in low light environments, clip quality is poor due to noise, loss of detail.

10 best selfie phones in the world

OnePlus 7 Pro (86 points)

The front camera of OnePlus 7 Pro has a resolution of 16 megapixels. Its imaging capabilities reach 90 points, with the advantage of exposure, color retention, photographs for pleasant tones, low noise in outdoor and indoor conditions. However, when the light is low, the image becomes lost in detail, noise, or even distortion.

The ability to record videos with OnePlus smartphones reaches 81 points, with the advantage of fast focusing, wide focusing range, accurate color balance and white balance. However, the clip gets susceptible to color noise, lacking details when shooting in low light.

10 best selfie phones in the world

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 (84 points)

Xiaomi's smartphone has a sliding front-facing camera, with two 24-megapixel and 2-megapixel sensors. The ability to capture images of the machine reaches 83 points, which is appreciated for its ability to accurately measure depth of field, control noise, good exposure, but limited focus range. Video recording reached 85 points, supporting white balance and true color, but anti-shake is not effective.

10 best selfie phones in the world

iPhone XS Max (82 points)

Apple has equipped a single front camera for the XS Max with a resolution of 7 megapixels. Selfie capability on the device reaches 81 shooting points, with the advantage of estimating image depth, effective HDR image processing, keeping details at close range. The unsatisfactory score in XS Max is not good white balance and noisy in low light. Video recording feature on the machine reached 82 points.

10 best selfie phones in the world

DxOMark is a reputable review site about cameras for a long time. In recent years, DxO's lab has continued to experiment with smartphones and has been rated by many major technology sites as highly reliable. The tests are scored at many component points with the ability to shoot videos and take pictures separately. The machines are used by experts here many days before the official launch.


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