You should have PHOINIKAS H-3 Gaming Headset If you are a Gamer!!

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This is PHOINIKAS H-3 Gaming Headset 3.5 Music Stereo Bass Deep PS4 Computer With Microphone Headphones Black + Blue Plastic the best for gamer.. 

Great Technologies in this Headset is 4D surround technology. 360-degree stereo surround sound allows you to feel the enemy's movements at any time, whether it is games or music, it is a perfect match.

Durable material and lightweight design. This headset uses steel slider and irresistibly soft, comfy and breathable earmuffs FOR the durable comfort you deserve! The bright LED lights are also here for even better gaming Effect.
Support for PS4, for Xbox One, PC, laptop, PSP, tablet, iPad, computer, mobile phone.

Noise canceling microphone, one key mute and volume control on cable splendid ambient noise isolation, anti-winding braided USB cable with rotary volume controller and key microphone mute effectively, who can bring you the best gaming experience.
This headset is NOT USB-Headset, the USB interface is only used for power supply to LED light.
New Feature:
Model: H-3
Speaker size: 50mm/1.97 inch
Impedance: 32Q ± 15%
Sensitivity: 112±3dB
Frequency range: 15Hz-20KHz
Microphone: 6.0*2.7mm/0.24*0.11 inch
Microphone sensitivity: -38±3dB
Microphone impedance: 2.2KQ
Directionality: omnidirectional
Line length: 2.1M+0.15LED
Working voltage: DC5V±5%
Working current: Less than or equal to 100mA earphone
Interface: USB+3.5mm/0.14inch
Package Contents:
1* earphone
1* box
1* instruction manual
1* patch cord

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