Pest Reject Eight Frequency Smart Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Repeller Anti Mosquito Repellent Mouse Rejection Insect

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Intelligent display screen and unprecedented VF and CF attack mode to repel insects and mice.
Pest repeller emits 4 different waves to 360°cover your house.
Effectively preventing pests from producing adaptability, irritates the nervous system of pests.
It emits strong ultrasonic waves(20-155KHz) to get rid of pests.
No harmful chemicals or poisons, no traps or messy cleanup.
Humans can not hear the ultrasonic frequency.
Safe for pregnant women, kids and pets.
Perfect to be used in rooms, shops, offices, warehouses, kitchen, hotels, etc.

Item Type: Insect Repeller
Material: ABS
Color: Black/Grey
Quantity: 1Pc
Plug Type: EU/US
Size: 13*8*6cm
Net Weight: 160g

Package Contents:
1 x Insect Repeller

Packing list

1 x Insect Repeller

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