Water Needle Hyaluronic Acid Liquid Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Collagen Whitening Moisturizing Essence Face Cream Skincare TSLM1

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100% Brand NEW

Name: Hyaluronic Acid Water Light essence

NET content: 10ml

Product efficacy: Contains hyaluronic Acid moisturizing ingredients, Shurun skin, lightly daub, water run not greasy, replenish skin moisture, skin water run tender slippery


Instantly plumps & hydrates skin cells

Mimics hyaluronic acid injection effect

Reduces enlarged pores and saggy skin

Stimulates collagen production

Fades visible signs of acne scars (Box-car scar, rolling scar, ice-pick scar) Forms a skin barrier to lock moisture Increases skin elasticity


Solution to Different Damaged Skin:

Acne Scars

Deep Wrinkles

Surgical Scars

Package Included:

1 X  Hyaluronic Acid collagen essence/ Hyaluronic Acid Skin Repair Essence

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