Top 5 Places to visit in Nepal Bhutan

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These are one of the most adventurous places in Asia and if you have a journey there you won't regret at all. We have listed here Top 10 places in Nepal and Bhutan where you can enjoy with your family or friends to the fullest.


1. Manas National Park


This is one of the most famous National Park in Bhutan and this is quite famous in Asia because of its Project Tiger reserve and also the initiative of elephant reserve. It is extended towards The Assam border and a lot of endangered species are protected here. So if you want to see e roofed turtle or golden langur in Bhutan then you must go to Manas National Park once in your lifetime.


2. Tashichho Dzong


It is a Buddhist monastery which was a fortress earlier. It is situated on the Northern side of Thimpu which is the capital of Bhutan and it is one of the best places in Bhutan to visit while travelling.


3. National Museum of Bhutan


If you are a person who loves to know about some history of a particular place then you must go to the cultural Museum of Bhutan in Paro. It has a nice collection of Bhutan arts which is collected from the whole world where you can find a piece of 1500 years ago. If you want to witness some cultural heritage of Bhutan then you must visit the National Museum of Bhutan for sure.


4. Folk Heritage Museum


The folk culture of Bhutan is quite strong in nature and the heritage is from the 19th century. At that time and timber house was there which around 150 years old are and you can get to see these places in the folk heritage Museum as a specimen.  So if you want to gain some knowledge in the folk culture of Bhutan then you must go to this museum.


5. Buddha Dordenma Statue


This is one of the largest statues in the whole world of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha. It is around 52 metres tall and completely e made of bronze. It will give you a proper idea of Buddhist culture in the whole world. If you are interested to know that then you must visit this place in Bhutan.


If you are wondering about the best time to visit Nepal Bhutan then it is suggested that you visit those places anytime throughout the year except the excessive winter. Cars at this time the weather is not so nice here and the chilly weather can make you uncomfortable in having a nice vacation tour.


So this is where some places in Nepal and Bhutan where you can spend your holiday very peacefully. Both the places are beautiful in their own way and you should not miss the chance to see both of them either. Whenever we travel we need a proper travel guide to guide us through the history of the place as well as the necessary information. And we are here to help you in that case. We always take care of proper accommodation and the whole sightseeing plan of every travel package. And in the case of Nepal Kathmandu Holiday packages, we will give you the best experience in your life there.

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