How To Sell on Wholesale Pricing

Posted in Sell on Riich on April 27 2020 at 04:15 AM
How To Sell on Wholesale Pricing
Products that you have for sale and have goods or products we would like to sell them as goods or products. It's really easy to get listed and also throw the pieces in the following instructions
1- Click on DASHBOARD (#1) above the Riich website
See picture
2- Search the Product Manager (#2) in the left column
3- Click any of your products that you want to be a wholesale item by clicking on Edit (#3)
See picture
4- Then find the Wholesale Pricing (#4) and click on it
5- You can set any price to turn them into commodities or wholesale products. We can set the prices and sections as you would like to determine the prices (#5).
Example: One item below we would like to sell from 1 item (1 item) to 500 units (500 items)
Click Add to add each item
- Items from 1 to 50 want to be priced at $ 50
- Goods from 51 to 100 want to be set at $ 100
- Items from 101 to 300 want to be priced at $ 300
- Items from 301 to 500 want to be priced at $ 500
See picture
6. When it's done, click Save and Apply (#6).
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