10 Reasons Why Plant Decoration Ideas are Getting More Popular

Posted in Business on January 26 2021 at 10:08 AM

Flowers are being sent as greetings since time immemorial, but as the world changes, so does the trends. Initially, only flowers were sent, and then sending cakes and gifts with flowers came into the forefront. The variety of popular gifts also changes from time to time.

But nowadays the trend which is ruling is sending potted plants as gifts on special occasions of the loved ones. A variety of plants are available in our flower shop in Abu Dhabi which moves off the racks extremely fast due to the popularity of the trend.

Browse for the excellent collection of potted plants on our webpage at www.uaeflowers.com and choose the one which will add greenery to the home of your loved one. The popularity of plants for decoration is due to some specific reasons which can be termed as follows:

1. Awareness- The awareness to make our planet earth a green planet has resulted in the popular trend of sending green potted plants as gifts for the decoration of the homes of the adored ones.

2. Lifespan- Flower arrangement is indeed extremely captivating and mesmerizing but you can decorate the received flowers only for a few days. Then they droop and perish. The green plants, on the other hand, stay fresh for a very long period; in fact, they thrive and grow if proper care is taken of them.

3. Decoration- Everybody’s abode is their temple. People work hard to keep their homes clean and decorated to live life in a healthy atmosphere. Decorating with plants gives the home a surreal look and adds greenery which is extremely beneficial for the health of the inmates.

4. Love for flowers- The pandemic has taught us that we cannot depend on the markets for our everyday needs as they tend to shut down in times of emergency. People who love flowers and greenery get elated when they receive plants as gifts because some plants bear flowers of which people are extremely fond of.

5. Stress reliever- The hectic lifestyles of nowadays leads to many health issues of which stress is the most prominent one. Potted plants have become extremely popular as gifts as decoration items as they are a treat to the sore eyes and help to reduce the stress that a person is feeling.

6. Improved air quality- It is a known fact that green plants improve air quality by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

7. Sweet memory- The flowers sent with so much love on special occasions are thrown into the bin when they dry up. The potted plants in comparison thrive and grow and keep you reminded of the sweet memories of the occasion and the loved one who has presented them to you.

8. Pleasing at all points- how to decorate home with plants? The answer is very simple, keep the plants wherever you wish and they will be extremely pleasing to you as they provide greenery to your surroundings.

9. Noise control- A research has proven that the stems and leaves of outdoor and indoor plants absorb loud sounds and noise making the atmosphere less noisy.

10. Elegance- Indoor plants look extremely elegant in the living and dining areas of beautiful homes. The beauty and grandeur of the indoor are increased manifolds by these plants.

You may send flowers or plants, whatever you wish, but what ultimately reach your loved one are your love and care and blessings through them. For an enormous variety of green plants and flowers in Dubai, you can visit our website at www.uaeflowers.com.

There is an enormous range of flowers and plants in all price categories. Choose the one which is suitable for the occasion and also following your pocket constraints.

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