There are a lot of superstitions related to gambling in Australia - can this be true?

Posted in Lifestyle on February 12 2021 at 03:45 PM
The vast majority of Europeans have long outgrown their fear of black cats on the right, and the chimney sweep is now just a chimney sweep, not a professional mascot. These days people think more critically, turn to science to explain the unexplainable, and want to understand things first before they decide whether or not to believe in them. Superstition, that's not for grandmothers anymore! But how is it in other cultures? Are our noses too high in the air with our confident assumption that omens are just nonsense?
Does it affect our success in playing online casino games ?

Lucky numbers in baccarat vip jokaroom, the popular vip jokaroom.
Jokaroom attracts risky high rollers from all over the world, and mostly they play: baccarat! This game is very popular among many Chinese who make the pilgrimage. Nevertheless, there are still rumors that the casino's bankroll advantage in baccarat is smaller than in other games. And strategies don't help with what matters here, luck or bad luck, and the Chinese like it that way.
Why so superstitious?
There are many reasons for good luck charms and bad luck charms, and they are all rooted deep in the nation's history and firmly tied to culture. For one thing, gambling has never had as bad a reputation in the East as it does in Western culture, and today it has no bad reputation among the population, although it is only legal in Macao. On the other hand, the Chinese are real workhorses, and whatever they do, they don't like to linger; they prefer it when things go fast. When it comes to a fast and exciting game of baccarat, patience is not so popular!
A Chinese customer with a lucky number.
Even if you are not superstitious, it is important to understand the meaning of certain numbers before sitting down to play baccarat with Chinese players. The number eight is important because according to Chinese superstition, it brings good luck. "Eight" - when pronounced in Chinese - sounds a lot like the Chinese words for "wealth" or "prosperity." Just as the sound of the number eight is associated with positive things, the sound of the number four actually means death. Thus, a four or fourteen is considered to be the darkest omen among Chinese baccarat players. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. It can't hurt.

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