What is Child Support Indianapolis? Why do I need to give it to my ex-partner?

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The court order entered as a part of your legal separation agreement, or divorce proceedings can impact your share in the child's upbringing and support services. 


If you are not the custodial parent, you need to pay the Child Support Indianapolis as per the payment schedule chalked out by the legal system in place of the financial support loss to the custodial parent their chances of earning due to the subject mentioned above. 


Can changes be made to the child support payments? 


Yes, only through legal services, the same can be done. For instance - the court orders that stipulated a timeline for making such payments, amount and frequency, etc., may allow you to recalibrate the payment in special cases. However, attempting to undertake the same on your own can lead to serious issues and even impact your plea for Adjustment Of Status Indianapolis.

Can the amount of child support payments increase? 

In certain cases, the child support conditions laid out by the judge can prescribe the amount or substantial increase in the salary and the transfer of the same to your partner. The court may also stipulate the amount you may need to share with your ex in various cases where you attain huge financial gains like insurance settlement, inheritance, business profits, etc.


Making a change in the Child support payments

Only the legal system can make a notable difference to Child Support Attorney Indianapolis. Thus, the judge has the right to change the amount of the mandated value of child support. 

A parent's poor financial status, job loss, etc., can be presented before the judge to modify the amount of child support made to another party. If the latter agrees to the change, then the same is passed by the judge. However, if the other party's agreement is not available, then the request for a hearing on the matter must be submitted by a family law attorney for the purpose.

Ultimately, any parent who makes a change over the other parent's objection on the matter has the burden to present the process's proof. Hence, the same can be made in any of the following cases - 

  • A parent's income is affected by remarriage 
  • A plea made for the Adjustment Of Status Indianapolis by the applicant and awaiting orders
  • Either parent has a job shift that impacts their ability to pay money.
  • The needs of the child have changed, and this affects their ability to pay

In certain cases, the change can be relatively temporary. For instance - a medical emergency, short-term financial hardships, investment in the business, loss in business earning capacity, etc.

What happens if the mother refuses to pay the child support to the custodial parent?

If the court has ordered the mother to pay Child Support Indianapolis to the father or custodial guardian and if she disagrees to pay the appropriate amount to the parent, then the state or district attorney can order support to be paid or collect the amount of the delinquent payments. As a result, the recovery services officers can make the same an easy task and help you gain the amount back from the erring parent. 

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