Know the best winter plants for home

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In many places, winter is the season when plants require special care, as cold days could be fatal for them. However, in our city the humidity favors a perfect climate for many to re-green and flourish. If you have an apartment in San Miguel or any other district of Lima and you want to give it more life, these could be just what you need.

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However, some alternatives are affected by excess humidity, so not all alternatives will be useful. Therefore, below we show you which are the best winter plants for home .

1.- Aglaonema

Don't be fooled by the beauty of the Aglaonema. Beyond its attractive image, this is a very hardy plant. It is perfect for winter as it grows well regardless of low light or inconsistent rainfall; that's as long as the ground doesn't stay wet for extended periods of time.

Its broad decorative leaves have splendid patterns that come in a wide range of bright green, silver gray and cream tones. Even the least experienced gardener will be able to grow these plants during the winter. Aglaonema will give your home a fresh look all year round.

2.- Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Zamioculcas zamiifolia is practically indestructible. It can look green and healthy even if you are not consistent with taking care of your plants . In fact, it will thrive if you leave it almost on its own. Also, it grows well in low light environments. Its thick leaves remain strong despite the weather and its edges do not become weak as in other house plants .

3.- Adiantum

There are many varieties of ferns that do not need much light since in their natural environment they do not receive much of this element. Therefore, they can grow without problems in the shade. However, although they do tolerate low levels of lighting, they do require humidity in the environment and frequent watering.

Fortunately, the winter weather offers all the humidity you need. Keep in mind that many plants prefer waiting periods between watering and watering in order for the water in the soil to dry out, but ferns prefer constantly wet soil. It is a species that will feel comfortable in a space with indirect light for most of the day.

4.- Crassula ovata

Generally known as a jade tree, it is a type of succulent that will keep looking good next to an open window during winter. Keep in mind that many plants cannot tolerate the combination of warm temperatures indoors and cold winds from outside. However, the crassula ovata has no problem with it.

Additionally, this plant does not require a lot of water, so it can resist well with a watering once every one or two weeks. The crassula ovata looks like a miniature tree, so it offers you an explosion of green hues to decorate your home .

5.- Ficus lyrata

One factor to consider with winter houseplants is that many of them, including ficus lyrata, experience natural growing seasons and periods of dormancy. These time frames should correspond to the frequency with which you water them.

For example, ficus lyrata should be watered once every two weeks during the growing season, but it will only need water once a month in winter. Also, keep in mind that water evaporates more slowly in a cold environment than in a warm one, so pay attention to the temperature of the room.

6.- Aloe

If your daily routine makes it difficult to find time to water your plants regularly, then aloe, popularly known as aloe, is a great option. This hardy succulent can store water in its thick leaves, allowing it to go long periods of time without watering.

The only downside is that the aloe vera won't let you know when it starts to dry out. It is necessary to check the soil to see if it requires water. While this is one of the best cold-tolerant plants , it also enjoys sunbathing a lot, so it is recommended that you place it near a window with plenty of natural light.

7.- Clivia

If you have environments that are quite cold and sunlight does not appear frequently in them, clivia can be the ideal complement for your spaces. It is a strong plant that offers you beautiful flowers that withstand the cold and have orange and yellow tones. Therefore, they are not only perfect for winter, but will also complement the home look.

Now you know the main winter plants that you can have at home. Find your favorite species and give your home a great look in these cold months.

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