Another Entirely Random Mini-quest.

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If the option to the clan owner to provide some EXP its authentic each match will give diff amount, and every ppl will find a diff level too (such as genie's lamps) And (not to help a whole lot the proprietor ) after RuneScape gold battle to every clan warrior looks a message (such as genie again) stating what skill u prefer?
Sorry if that which I type is hard to read because of grammar mistakes. But I only have around 2 minutes then I am off the computer. My initial idea would be to lock clan conversation. Just the clan proprietor can achieve so, and what happens is that the second the lock clan chat button is clicked, nobody else can input the clan conversation. This really is a ways where you can invite your buddy friend into your chat without permitting everybody in or only 1 individual.
My next idea is when you see somebody in your clan chat, their dot is a different colour, and in the example of clan wars your team becomes that colour and opponet's team is a different colour. This is to help people so that they dont need to try and assault their group mates to see whether they are on that person's side or not.
My last idea is a clan chat owner can select"inviters" that can invite people in clan proprietor clan chat. The inviters acts exactly the exact same manner as that can kick in the clan chat(I meen if you pull the clan chat alternative, clan owner can select who has in order to kick). Zezima can take the invitation so chaosor can enter, or he can deny it, so chaosor can't join.
Another Entirely Random Mini-quest. First of all, once a player has finished the Sheild of Arrav quest, they then talk to Reldo who requests them if they wish to read the story of their Sheild of Arrav. When they shut it, Reldo informs them that the Museum Curator needed a job for someone. So they visit the Museum Curator who tells them of a mad scientist who resides in Draynor Manor and has built a TIME MACHINE! He explains that he would like someone to go back in time and try and retreive the Sheild of Arrav until it is lost. You go and speak with the scientist who informs you that you've got 10 mins for back or your stuck!
So you return in time and find Arrav and describe him your own situation. Then he tells you that he cant surrender the sheild to somebody like you. ("a weakling" he calls you because he's like level 300. Then you say you will help him stop the cheap RS gold invasion if he allows you to maintain the sheild later. (in all this you never ceased to think what might happen to the future!?) Arrav gives you the defense and you go back. However, when you arrive, there is not any more a scientist.

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