Selling a house between individuals, the best option?

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Most of us have an instinct that tells us that we can do anything on our own. Although many times we can be right, other times we need external and professional help. This is what happens repeatedly in the real estate market. Many owners want to sell a house between individuals and decide to start doing it on their own. But is it good practice? Is it better to sell your apartment yourself or through professionals ?  strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. For further detail visit orchard

Sell ​​a house between individuals or with real estate professionals?

There are some reasons why many Spanish owners, exactly half of the owners who are selling a home, choose to advertise it on their own in the odd real estate portal. We are going to analyze it in detail to draw conclusions.

Cost savings when selling a house between individuals, it is possible!

When you are thinking of putting your apartment up for sale , you have a lot of doubts about the buying and selling processes. But not only that, economic concern also appears with phrases such as: And how much is this going to cost me? Will it be profitable to put the house up for sale?

To save the economic cost of hiring a real estate agency and give them a commission for their service , you have decided to put the house up for sale on your own. At first, you are motivated, and as the days go by you begin to wonder if you alone will be able to carry out the transaction successfully.

There is no need to be overwhelmed, everything can be arranged. We know that you do not want to make a large economic investment and that you do not want to pay that commission to traditional real estate agencies. But, if we tell you that there are other models where you don't have to pay a commission, then what would you tell us?

Thanks to the unstoppable digitization and the creation of new business models, the real estate market has been transformed and turned into a more digital sector. That is why online real estate agencies, such as Housfy, have emerged. This new business model eliminates real estate commissions and offers a professional service with real estate experts for a fixed price. In this way, you will save commissions and you will be able to sell your house successfully thanks to the help of real estate agents in less than 60 days.

If I want to work with professionals, how do I know who to choose?

In the real estate market there are very similar professionals and experts, and many others at different levels. As the saying goes, "there are many fish in the river", so we have to study it in detail in order to find the best real estate agency. 

One of the first conditions that you must establish is the exclusive one. Although many times the exclusive is not well seen among the owners, it is a tool more than necessary to successfully sell any home . With an exclusive job, the real estate agency agrees to sell your apartment and will work on it until it is achieved.

As we have already mentioned before, real estate commissions are sometimes somewhat abusive, from 2% to 5% depending on the services provided, always subject to VAT. That is why the "no-commission" alternatives are more attractive to you. At Housfy we offer a fixed price real estate service (4,490 euros, VAT included) that will help you save a lot of money, and earn more for your home.

Do I have time to carry out all the formalities?

Although you have the option of commission-free real estate agencies, you decide to go ahead with your decision to sell a house between individuals. Well, you have started thinking about how to advertise your home and everything you need. You think about it all the time, while you work, eat, do yoga and play with the children, but you have little time left to execute it, right?

Time is one of the problems that arise when we want to do things on our own. Sometimes we don't have the time to do it and we ask loudly for help. For this reason, the option of leaving it in the hands of real estate professionals is a success.

We, as a digital real estate agency, take care of advertising your property in a wide variety of real estate portals so that your apartment has the widest dissemination . In addition, we contact those interested and organize visits based on your calendar so that you can show the property without problem. We negotiate with buyers, make offers and manage all the paperwork to finally sell your apartment.

Ignorance of some procedures to sell

To sell a flat from private to private you must know all the necessary and mandatory procedures and documents in this transaction. Many of the owners, as the majority of them say, want to sell their apartment but are unaware of the real estate world and everything that surrounds them. That is why, if we want to sell a house between individuals, we must adequately inform ourselves about all the procedures so that you do not have problems in the future.

If you decide on the option of real estate professionals, they will be in charge of carrying out the procedures of the sale, such as the management of the energy certificate and habitability certificate, the monitoring of potential buyers, the drafting of the deposit contract, the request for the simple note in the Property Registry, etc.

After analyzing it, we can say that the best option is to hire a real estate agency without commissions to obtain the benefit of cost reduction and at the same time, advise you by authentic professionals. So, if after reading this article, you have decided to change your mind, here we are to help you with the sale of your home ?


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