Erectile Dysfunction & Low Testosterone

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Whenever there are discussion came out related to men’s sexual health there two disease kept neighbor place first one is erectile dysfunction and other one is low testosterone. Male libido, issues with male reproductive system, losing an erection, premature ejaculation have some extent relation with these two same looking issues. Considering their results these both issues are considered as same with very less distinguished between them. But one should not get confused by considering them as same and try to use medication of one to another which makes nothing but hell.


But one thing that gives relief that both of this disorder has prompt treatment and that can be done with doctor’s consultation. In fact there more and more studies are going to find out permanent fix for both the issues. For erectile dysfunction there is oral medication available with cheap rates and same results as per customer survey. Cenforce 100mg is the vital treatment found as people are using it for the treatment.

Similar Symptoms

Low testosterone has very difficult symptoms and sometimes it confuses a lot that one cannot able to judge in fact doctors are also get confused. Low testosterone cannot be traced by the overall behavior of the patient so that one can diagnose and start treatment.

One of the more difficulties is symptoms are so common with other problems which causes confusing or wrong treatment that one starts. It has very similarity in symptoms that also detected during erectile dysfunction and also during aging process.

Other symptoms such as libido reduced power, stress or depressed due to negative feeling are those can be occurred during erectile dysfunction and there are major chances of mistake to diagnose disease either Low testosterone or erectile dysfunction.

Different between Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

It is very important that patient suffering from any of the disease he must aware of the basic difference between these diseases. Erectile dysfunction reduces capacity of erection which degrades performance. Whereas low testosterone directly impacts on sexual wish or desire and reduces to noticeable level.

Reduced libido can be perfect sign of low testosterone and having difficulties during erection or discontinued erection during active sex is the sign of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction has it’s own symptoms that can clearly notify you about this if you are having them. Other disease such heart issues, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol trouble is the predictors of ED.

Common Interference

Reports say that there are very low chances that patient suffering from any of these diseases gets affected by second one too. But that is case here common interference chance is just around 10% and not exceeded in last decade so one can be free to judge either he is having Low testosterone or erectile dysfunction.

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