How To Leverage TikTok Channel For Customer Support

Posted in Business on June 25 2021 at 06:11 PM

TikTok is well-known for its easily snackable short videos. Lip-syncing dancing videos have captured millions of people's hearts. You can find bags of trends and features to make your video excellent and unique.

For business, TikTok has become a highly powerful platform for both advertising and connecting with audiences. Particularly, businesses make use of creator tools for marketing. On top of that, you can use this platform for building customer service and support. Yes, this article will tell you some effective ways to use this app to produce good relationships with customers.

Tip:1 TikTok Q&A

TikTok, Q&A created especially for creators or business accounts, allows the audience to ask questions in the comment section of their videos displaying the Q&A filter. Audience questions will be stored in the Q&A inbox. Businesses can effortlessly check through questions, and they can pick the question they like to answer and build a video response.

The Q&A feature is extremely useful for companies or brands who want to construct customer service. It allows you to react directly to your customer's question. Along with that, it creates an interaction with your customers. The corresponding video responses will be stored on your account. It makes your audience visit your profile to see their question answered.

Tip:#2 Do More Live Videos.

Using TikTok live features, you can get viral with real-time video directly from your account.

Here, you can interact with your customers in real-time, ask questions, clear customers' doubts, and buy TikTok views to build a connection that won't happen through normal videos. Through this connection, you can easily get more loyal TikTok followers, influencing them to visit your account often. In fact, most of the audience may have the same question, but you can answer them simultaneously.TikTok live is a great feature to provide product demos, particularly when your customer faces any common issues.

Moreover, you can promote your live session on multiple channels. The audience can visit your app, engage with live videos, and learn how to use your products.

Tip:#3 TikTok Stitch Features

With the help of the stitch feature, you can constrict content based on other TikTokers videos. let's see how to use stitch features

On TikTok, you can check hashtags related to your brand or business. Stitch videos, here people asked questions, or they have shown some interest in your business. You can build a connection with them. They will get surprised by the brands they love to get noticed for their content. This way, you can show off other TikTokers that you're staying active on the app, which assists in driving more engagement to your account.

Tip:#4 Direct Message 

Another excellent way to respond and connect with your customers is by answering questions in the comment section and DMs. Moreover, these two are valuable options. DMs are private one-to-one conversations. In fact, you can simply collect the questions sent by the customers in Dms and create separate videos to answer all those questions, upload them on your feed. It will be helpful to not only customers but also all your audience. In the comment section, you can quickly answer your customers' questions. Also, it encourages many people to ask questions or engage with your comments.

Winding Up

Now, you'll understand, you have multiple ways on TikTok to connect and build good relationships with your customers. You have a creator and business account for business people, which is free and also effective. With your active presence and consistent effect, you can provide good customer service. Even with your right marketing plan, you can drive more customers to your brands.

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