How Can I Unlock My Facebook Account without Security Question?

Posted in Technology on July 12 2021 at 12:24 PM

While using Facebook, you have to follow the Facebook guideline for safe and peaceful use of Facebook otherwise facebook can lock your account temporarily. There are many reasons behind a Facebook locked account

  1. Unnecessary spamming of posts, comments.
  2. Getting reported of Abusive comments or content.
  3. Ignoring the constant warning from Facebook.
  4. Crossing the limit of sending a friend request. 
  5. Using multiple devices at the same time.

These are the general reasons why any Facebook account gets temporarily locked, but there are also some methods through which you can unlock a Facebook account that is locked temporarily.

This guide provides you with the full knowledge on how to access a locked Facebook account  

  1. Initially, you can just try it by clearing your cache and logging again into your Facebook account.
  2. Facebook would then make you face some security questions that you need to answer properly to get back your access to your Facebook account.

In case you want to unlock your Facebook account without any security questions, then we also got you some alternate methods to open a locked Facebook account without security questions.

  1. Go to on any suitable browser.
  2.  Check on the security page, there will be an option of getting HELP FROM FRIENDS.
  3. as you’ll click on it, a list of all your friends will be listed, find the one who already had unlocked their Facebook account. 
  4. tap on that friend, a code will be sent to your friend.
  5. take that code from him and enter it into the space provided. 
  6. Once Facebook gives confirmation, your account will be unlocked. 

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