The capacity of NA's Siel or Israphel is 9000.

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The whole candy argument is useless, as all games has gold sellers at the beginning of day 1. People have always were buying kinah directly from gold sellers. The aion classic kinah present, the past, and in future. The only distinction is that they pay real money to developers instead of gold sellers.
This. It's tough to complain about this. I mean, I logged in to shop. The site was empty today. I went to traditional... and it was alive. The subscription model as well as the actual money shop seem to be more popular.
Hey. In reality, I'm the person who designed MyAion. These numbers were derived directly from the login packets , which were sent out to customers. At the time of the launch NCWest was testing servers stability and had a the capacity of 500 people online. They gradually increased this until they reached the current configuration. This is why we had queues just after launch. But, the queues were not accurate. This was likely due to changing login server settings.
The server's page for class breakdown is only available for characters uploaded to MyAion, not online character and not all characters registered. There aren't many uploaded characters because MyAion DPS Meter version for classic servers is currently in development.
The capacity of NA's Siel or Israphel is 9000. You can also view the exact number of characters in the three regions (NA, RU, and JP) online when your mouse's cursor moves over the bar with the percentage. Other regions don't have exact numbers online or capacity of servers. They share only percentage values. However, you are able to use the search function to calculate your server's capacities in-game. You can get up to 102 characters from a results of your search. If there are multiple players online, you will be required to divide the search results into levels or class. The last time I used it for the EU Stormwing Stormwing server It was set to just 3000 users. Prior to when KR switched to sharing just percentage values, they set capacity 12000 for Israphel, Nazekan and 10000 for Zikel, Vaziel. While they kept the exact capacity and number secret, three additional KR classic servers were also added.
Remember that EU has smaller capacity for servers. Last time I have determined Stormwing's limit, was only 3000. But , yeah Aion in EU always had the buy aion classic kinah eu largest population which is why Classic could bring in even more people into EU.

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