How To Fix Yahoo Mail Login Problems?

Posted in Technology on July 17 2021 at 02:17 PM

Yahoo offers you a plethora of features, due to which it has obtained millions of users across the globe. Though Yahoo is known for providing its users with a seamless working experience, instances occur when users have to struggle with several issues such as Yahoo mail not receiving emails, Yahoo not syncing, etc. Recently users reported that they are unable to log in to their Yahoo account. Losing access to Yahoo accounts has become a common issue now, but it can be fixed if appropriately addressed. Here in this guide, we've mentioned a quick process following which you can easily fix the issue. Hence we highly suggest you follow this guide until the end.


Steps to fix Yahoo mail login problems


In this method, you can recover your Yahoo mail account using the secret questions and fix the issue of Yahoo mail login problems. Here's how to do it;


Step 1: Open Sign-in Helper.


Step 2: Enter the Yahoo email address or phone number linked with the account.


Step 3: Click on Continue.


Step 4: Choose any of the two recovery options available.


Step 5: Click "I don't have access to email or phone."


Step 6: Next, either you'll get a screen with a message "Recover account using the security questions" or "Uh-oh… We can't sign you in at the moment. Please try again in a while".


Step 7: You'll be asked to answer two security questions to recover your Yahoo account.


Step 8: Answer correctly and reset the password.


Thus by resetting the Yahoo password, you can easily recover your Yahoo account and will be able to log in to your Yahoo account. We hope you find this guide helpful and informative.

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