Rsgoldfast - This is the Master Theif armband

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You are welcome back... just in case you require it. Yes! My shadow is mine! Now, take on the Stranger (Level-69) and RuneScape gold he will be dead. He can only use the Dragon Dagger and won't ever use the special. He's an easy target and drop Thwait’s Key. You can take Thaiwt's key and you will see an option. Select Read Key, and the player will be able to see the tunnel of heives, in which I am. Find the riches of a million scarabs by exploring the dunes. Pyramid Plunder is a great place to search for him. There will be a short cutscene after you have completed the mini-game.
The Rogues will disappear through 4 doors. I am here. Don't get caught in my traps. Martin Thwait becomes Martin Thwait (Level-215) and will Range and Melee you. He can hit 25 with either style. When he dies He'll receive Master Theif's Armband. For proof, it has the initials "MT" on it.
Talk to Straven/Katrine. Master Thwait is defeated! Excellent, but do you have any proof? Yes I have proof. This is the Master Theif armband. It has his gold initials and everything! Katrine/Straven might stare at it, then snap out. This is fantastic. You'll learn some trade secrets from my associate. Katrine/Straven will give you an outline of the map. There will be an "associate" at the end. Omart (Or Slug, if you finished the quest), is the associate. Talk to him to complete the quest!
Quest Rewards. Thwait's Tome. Gives 8.5k for any 2 skill of your choice above Level 35. Thwait’s (P++) Dagger. Master Theif Armband. With your player name on it. 11,500 Theiving Experience XP.
Quest Name :Repairing Burgh De Rott. Skill Requirments:40 Construction, 40 Farming 40 Fishing, 40 Cooking crafting at level 40, as well as the ability to take on several Vyretwach. You'll require the following items: Lobster Pot 80 Planks 300 Steel Nails, 10 Bolts Of Cloth, Potato Seeds and Onion Seeds Bagged Willow Tree, Bagged Oak Tree or Bagged Nice Tree, Rake (in the event that you need to remove dead plants), 8 cups of Asgardian Ale 8 cups of OSRS buy gold saw, a Hammer Molten Glass two glassblowing pipes, a white apron, 5 lit candles, an Tinderbox.

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