Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Coco Villagers.

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With the continuous upgrade and revision of the Animal Crossing series, Nintendo has joined more and more villagers in order to allow players to have more choices. Players can establish virtual connections with nearly 400 types of villagers. Among them, rabbit cocoa is the most unique. Coco may be one of the few orthodox villagers among the players. The cuter the villagers, the more the players are used to going to Buy ACNH Bells to express their affection. Coco's name is very cute. Coco is neither a human nor an animal cat. Coco's original body is the rabbit villager who is the fan's favorite. Coco was born on March 1, making her a Pisces.

Cocoa can be the terracotta rabbit in Crossing Animals. She is certainly one of the six villagers who are not strictly cats. Coco's Japanese name is Yayoi, which refers to the period when the statue of Yuba was first created in Japan. Haniwa is the inspiration for the weird little stone NPC named gyroids in Animal Crossing. Other non-animals are Stitches, Sprocket, Del, Ribbon, and Hopkins of Animal Crossing. Her personality is shy, making her the only special rabbit among all 21 rabbits in the game. Coco is shy and friendly, just like her sister. But it is easy to get angry. Like all ordinary villagers, Coco woke up at 5 am and mentioned a fictitious friend named Mopping.

Coco first appeared in the first Animal Crossing game Dobutsu no Mori, which was only released for N64 in Japan. Then she went through every game. From animal forest+ to many new leaves. Cocoa also appeared in Happy House Academy and Pocket Camp. For players who particularly like the character of Cocoa, to increase their time with Cocoa, they will visit the ACBellsBuy website and choose Buy Animal Crossing Items. Cocoa can get along with most other people, just like other ordinary villagers such as the wharf where animals cross. Except for those who are grumpy, cocoa is less likely.

In New Horizons, Coco's house is decorated with layered dirt walls, rock chairs and tables, hay beds, and outdoor tiki flashlights. Coco is the only villager created to resemble a gyroscope and a girl made of terracotta or clay. Her head is empty, and although her eyes and mouth can change in size, they don't have any expressions. Her dazed expression and smooth, hollow head are like the emptiness in coconut and the inside of a chocolate bunny. This makes her quote more and more unique: I feel blank today. Unlike all rabbits in AC, Coco cannot move her ears.

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