Head over to the Dwarven Bootman.

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Dawn of the Awakening. Quests: Guthix sleeps. This RS gold is the goblin quest idea I came up with a few years ago, Ghostly Robes MiniQuest. The rest will be completed already. Skills include: 65 Slayer, all the required quest skills, and anything else I could have missed.
Briefing for the opening: Lucien has not only acquired the Staff of Armadyl but also the Stone of Jas. War is likely to be coming soon. When Lucien was given the Stone of Jas and the only man who might know about it left Lumbridge's caves. Meanwhile, the Red Axe Corporation has returned to Keldagrim and has refused to talk about their denial, and King Narnode grows ever more worried about the ghost of Arposandra. There are many concerns: What exactly is Lucien doing What is he doing? Where is Movario? Why did Glouphrie, the Untrusted, murder Argento some time ago? What does the Drunken dwarf's claim of Dragons have to do with the Red Axe. The King Black Dragon will answer your question.
To begin, talk to Commander Veldaban, who is in Keldagrim In Keldagrim, you'll learn that the Red Axe has appeared. You'll need to contact the Consortium again to get more information. Speak to the Giant Dwarf company executive and offer to do a job. After you have returned, the Red Axe will inform you that they've purchased your contract. They're your new boss. As horrible as this may be, you need to talk with your new boss, Hreidmar. You'll be fired in the event that you refuse his job offer.
Utilize your skills as a thief to find them. Be sure to follow them, but don't be too close. Colonel Grimmson could detect you. Stay at least five squares in front of them. Keep an eye out for them as they enter the house of Hreidmar. They will be commanded to meet at "the place" by a figure. The Boatman will transport them to the location. You will need food and combat equipment before you are able to put it on the boat. It's going to be ugly, I swear.
Head over to the Dwarven Bootman. Instead of speaking to him, stow away on the ship, and you'll hear Red Axe members telling him they are taking a load of barley to "them". After a while you will be taken to the Keldagrim cave, which only the Red Axe knows about. Wait until you see the Red Axe members advance to the next room prior to stepping out from the vessel. You do not want to be aware of what happens if you get caught.
When they've gone you can go over to the doorway to look for traps. Deactivate the traps, go through and look out over the balcony to see three Dragonkin below you, one of them with an identity, Wyvoch. Wyvoch is among the Kin that you encountered after Guthix Sleeps. Red Axe members will be coming into. Yes, they're allies. Why would the buy RuneScape gold Dragonkin need allies made up of soulless businessmen with an economic power that could cause recessions or flagrantly violate the law? That is a question I think the answer lies within. A conversation ensues:

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