Guns are in RS... Don't worry, I just asked permission to Daniel!

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Restrictions. Certain Quests, such as the Shield of Arrav, cannot be repeated since they require two persons as well as a shared reward. No matter what reward you get It's all about OSRS Gold having fun. So that's it. Muttdog offers a suggestion. The player has the option of not watching all cut scenes.
Guns are in RS... Don't worry, I just asked permission to Daniel! The quest to use guns... Guns are is not for sale... Skills required 40 Magic 19 Smithing, 15 Fletching 15 Runecrafting. Items: 2 bronze bars 1, 1 log, each of the runes that are elemental.
Talk to Patchy first, and then ask him about any stories he might have from experiences on the high seas. He tells you to speak to Bill Teach about one of his latest inventions. Ask Bill about his idea and he'll provide you with plans to create your own. It's a simple game similar to the one found in Rocking out.
When you're done, grab two bronze bars and a log, and then cut the log into "Pistol stock". Hammer the bars into "Bronze Barrels". Then use them on each the other. Talk to Bill and he will admire your work, before teaching you how to make Rune powder. Use a pestle and mortar on an air rune to get "Air Powder". Bill will tell you that the air powder shoots air essence at enemys however, elemental runes all require at least 40 magic to ignite. (More details will be provided in the future).
He asks for you to collect four different elements and hand them back to him. Once you've got them the instructor will show you how to fire it. Right click on the gun and Buy Old School RuneScape Gold press open. The powder will transfer three shots to your gun when you use it. The gun will shoot three shots at a the speed of a dart when you hold it in your hands. Unload the pistol and reload it. Repeat.

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