This is one of the advantages of farming in Aion

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The first character took me 2 hours to finish. I wasn't aware of aion classic kinah the fastest way to hit 10, but each one which followed was less time-consuming. The most time-consuming was Mage who took 59 minutes. That's not a huge time investment for a permanent ~300K each day.
There aren't any bots in Morheim or Beluslan So it's likely the way they're getting the kinah. Most likely because it doesn't need you to purchase Siel's Aura. It took me 59 minutes single-player, while spending 10 minutes on mana. Bots are able to do this in much less time since a 6-man team requires no downtime.
Bots aren't yet available as the bots at level 4045 have been removed from the game and farming is less frequent in higher levels. This is why you can sell hundreds of difficult-to-buy materials for thousands of dollars whereas the average player might only have few.
and yeah if thats something you're competent at, then more power to you. I'm not sure if it's worth the work and effort involved in account juggling. I personally haven't really enjoyed this kind of loophole.
A skilled botter won't say, "Okay my first batch of level 45 , let's take a break from all the early zones and wait until we start up the next batch." They aren't able to claim they have lost money for a week since they are doing both if they have one.
You underestimate the amount of time people are able to devote. I went to 6 gatherings last night, and left with more than 7,000 Aether Gems.
This is one of the advantages of farming in Aion. Once you've removed the crop from its level and are able to ignore them and concentrate on other projects. What happened to those 6 hours? I was playing a different game on the second screen.
The whole candy argument is pointless. Every game have gold sellers in day 1. People have were buying kinah directly from gold sellers. In the present, and also in the near future. the only difference is they give the real money to the developer and not the gold sellers
This. It's hard to criticize this. In reality, I was logged into the retail site. Today, it was empty. I checked into the traditional... and it was alive. Both the subscription model and euro aion classic buy kinah real money shops seem to be more appealing.

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