New WoW Classic Test Realm Has Players Speculating Fresh Servers Could Be On The Way

Posted in Games on August 19 2021 at 03:22 PM
Blizzard has silently released a new public test realm of World of Warcraft Classic with little fanfare, causing players to speculate on what, exactly, the realm is supposed to be testing. Many players are hoping it's "fresh" servers for WoW tbc classic gold
The test realm currently only includes raid content from WoW Classic's first phase, although it does include more recent updates to the game, like the ability to purchase a world-buff saving item from Chromie that didn't exist in the original version of vanilla WoW but was added prior to Burning Crusade Classic's release. The arrival of the new test realm has players speculating it could be a sign that Blizzard is looking to roll out brand-new servers for WoW Classic where players can start their adventure into Azeroth all over again from scratch.
Currently, WoW Classic servers are a ghost town. Blizzard required players to decide between playing in what it now calls "Classic Era" servers or moving forward to the game's first expansion, Burning Crusade Classic, back in June, and it seems the majority of players chose to continue on into Outland over staying in Azeroth. But there is still a dedicated community of players who prefer WoW Classic to Burning Crusade.

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