Complete Guide to Deal With Hacked Facebook Account

Posted in Technology on August 31 2021 at 01:01 PM

My Facebook account was hacked” is a very common issue or you can say the complaints that users register on Facebook. The hackers hack the Facebook account to get information from it or to use it for another purpose, especially for bad purposes. 

This blog is specially created for users who have lost access to their Facebook account and are dealing with the “Facebook hacked how to fixissue. 

Ways to recover your account that was hacked and secure it - 

  • Set a new password to secure the account 

  • Users should immediately go to the Facebook app and then login into their account. 
  • After logging in look for the Settings and Privacy option and click on the Settings option available. 
  • In the Settings option, you have selected you will see an option saying security and login, in which you have to change your password. 
  • After changing the password, users should log out of their account from all the other devices. 
  • Reporting to Facebook 

  • For, Facebook hacked recovery you should report the matter to Facebook which is to Report your Hacked account to Facebook. 
  • You have to do this by entering your email address or phone number and then the last password you remember you used for login. 
  • After filling in the details you should hit the continue button to finish the procedure. 

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