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  • Dey Thmey Village, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey Phnom Penh, 12101 Cambodia
  • <div> <h2 class="tmargin tpad xs-text-center xs-center-block clearfix">More About Camasitec Electronic</h2> <span class="xs-text-center">Camasitec is a new innovated solution for trade, support, inquiry, and provide product by order. Camasitec is a supplier for consumer seeking goods or inquiring commodities of interest. Product purchase with Camasitec is price accurate with fair market rate.Digitronic Caliper Type Inside Micrometer 280 Series <br />Features <br />StandardIN863 <br />For measuring the inside ofabore or hole <br />Features‘easytoread’large7.5mm character height,digital display <br />Modern design ‘Softkeys’for maximum operating comfort <br />Long life guaranteed <br />With constant forceratchetthimble <br />Satin chrome finished frame with high quality insulated gripFeatures <br /></span> <ul> <li> 360° Freely swiveling hook; Easy to operate</li> <li> Large and bright red LED with wide view angle</li> <li> Aluminum housing with corrosion-proof and antistatic functions</li> <li> Units including: kg/lb</li> <li> Auto-zero/Tracking zero/ Weighing function</li> <li> Auto shut off for power saving</li> <li> Wireless controller as a standard</li> <li> Economical solution for many simple weighing needs</li> </ul> <span class="xs-text-center">Features <br /></span> <ul> <li>StandardIN863-Part4</li> <li>Measuremen trange from6-100mm</li> <li>Ergonomically designed pistol grip body</li> <li>Functions include 2pre-setemories,tolerance indicator lightsand mm/inch conversion</li> <li>RS232 data output facility</li> <li>Self centring measuring head swith tungsten carbide contactpoints</li> <li>Setting rings  provided with each instrument complete with traceable certification</li> <li>Blindbore measure mentonall instruments above 12.5mm</li> </ul> <span class="xs-text-center">Features <br />Precisionnavigationallevelsensor <br />CNCmachined superflatedge <br />Heavydutyaluminiumalloybody, chromefinish Laseraccuratelyextendslevelcapabilities <br />Strongmagnetsonunderside <br />Measuring:4x90º <br />Resolution:0.05º <br />Battery:standard9VGPS trackers have recently taken major strides forward, not only can you covertly track the location of your high value asset, but you can also monitor the in-transit condition. This changes everything for shippers of high value goods, who can now cost effectively and reliably monitor their shipments and improve their loss prevention programs. Earlier generation GPS trackers offered one major feature, location tracking. <br />6PIN,8PIN <br />The junction box is a needful unit to connect load cells and indicator in weighing system. It's able to connect four route resistance strain load cells, and to adjust the unbalance output of load cells. It makes the weighing system higher precision.Human perception is imprecise. Even though humans have the ability to grasp the general characteristics of objects, accurate details are often impossible to determine through our senses alone. This is where the use of measuring devices becomes necessary.<br /><br />Measuring devices can help us get an accurate understanding of the size, scale, conditions, and properties of objects. Measuring devices make it possible for us to determine constituent amounts of objects of microscopic scale much too small for our human senses to perceive. The objects being measured can be analyzed instantly and accurately, and the answers to our queries can be displayed in an easy-to-read format.Loadcell Amcells-USA <br /></span> <ul> <li>Capacity: 30ton,40ton</li> <li>Truck Scale system</li> <li>700 ohm loadcell.</li> <li>High precision and stability.</li> <li>Suitable for truck scales, railway scales, axle-load scales and floor scales.</li> </ul> <span class="xs-text-center">Founded in 1906 by innovative young engineer, Frank Moore, Moore &amp; Wright has been designing, manufacturing and supplying precision measuring equipment to global industry for over 100 years. With roots fixed firmly in Sheffield, England, the company began by manufacturing a range of calipers, screwdrivers, punches and other engineer’s tools. Following investment from Mrs Wright, a shrewd Sheffield businesswoman, Frank was able to expand the business and further develop his innovative designs.Upon purchased items are satisfaction guarantee with follow up support and repair service bind by individual sale clause. At Camasitec we understand your need to provide good product to your customer and we ensure this by facilitating your every need. Our comprehensive service covers nominal issue to technical support at the same time building trust with our customer.</span></div>