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  • Sole Proprietorship
  • No. 84Eo, St. 5, Sambour Village, Sangkat Dangkor, Khan Dangkor Phnom Penh, 12401 Cambodia
  • <div> <h2 class="tmargin tpad xs-text-center xs-center-block clearfix">More About ETS - Electronic &amp; Telecommunication Solutions Co., Ltd.</h2> <p>We offer a full range of security products, including: wired/wireless alarm host system with GSM and SMS options, anti theft systems, EAS hard tags, soft label and others related products. Instead of being tied to the land line phone, which can be easily be cut and disabled, ETS'alarms works wirelessly throught advanced GSM cell phone towers to maintain a continuous, dedicated and encrypted link.Welcome to our online video surveillance catalog. ETS offers innovative professional grade video surveillance equipment and remote video surveillance system to residential, commercial, goverment and law enforcement agencies worlwide. The whole range of ours products are color camera, high speed domes, integrated cameras, IP cameras series, IP video server, DVR series and others professional surveillance products.Door access system also known as keyless door system, proximity card system, security card access system..etc. it is not only designed for office, it is also suitable for factory, warehouse and residential. It is simple, reliable and cost effective. Nowadays, door access system is widely used for stopping unauthorised person entering your office / premises.A time &amp; attendance system enables an employer to have full control of all employees working hours right at an operators fingertips. It is also invaluable for ensuring compliance with labour regulations regarding proof of attendance. ETS offers a full range of readers from keys code, contactless card, fingerprint to facial recognition.ETS is specializes in integrating and operating legacy system with emerging technology. We committed to provide innovative converged security solutions from consultancy. </p> </div>