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    • No. 50B, St. 360, Group 7, Village 5, Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang III, Khan Chamkar Morn
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    Professional Background

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    • Credentials
    • - Translation & Interpretation in any language, any sector & any format
      - highly recommended by clients & widely accredited by the embassies
      - Other language related services offered upon request

    More About Perfect Translation Services Co., Ltd.

    adef91f684916967ec09376cbc3149f882011394.jpgI. Should you seek a professional translation services with the highest quality product and the most cost effective price offered, you have certainly come to the right place. As a client, you can depend on us to thoroughly manage the workflow of your project and ensure the highest quality at the most competitive price. We will send clients a detailed quote including a full cost breakdown so they will be delighted by our bills, not shocked.

    • Exceptional customer service (quick e-mail response, phone pick up in 02 rings, and etc)
    • Each and every client is given personal and professional services they expect and deserve
    • Clients all over the world are served
    • Drop us a line anytime of the day or night
    • Widely accredited
    • The highest quality is our principal concern with usage of quality assurance checks at every point in the translation process
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • The most cost effective
    • Turnaround times promptly satisfied upon request
    • Various fields of specialization offered to ensure clients are not left frustrated with our language services offer
    • Confidential information safeguarded
    • Guaranteed discounts for our regular, long term and large volume jobs providing clients



    II. Since translation or interpretation work alike necessarily requires the extensive experience to well perform the job, we selectively choose only those certified linguists who have extensive experience with clients’ topics to handle the job(s) so that clients are really satisfied with our linguists’ provided services.


    III.  No problem, time is money and clients need it. Being on time is a vital part of our first class personal services. Late is not a Perfect Translation Services Co.,Ltd word. If your translation is urgent, we can use multiple translators, although it is far easier for us to make certain that the style is uniform if the whole job is translated by one person. We will discuss this with clients in detail once we know their requirements and form a project plan.6. Whatever clients need to translate, whenever clients need it ready, whichever language direction clients need we can do it.

    These services are also deemed integral part of Perfect Translation Services Co.,Ltd because many people come and request us to fulfill all these tasks for them such as:
    • Helping them to translate or to understand and fill out consular forms
    • Visa applications for foreign travel or oversea study
    • International marriage applications
    • Immigration or business paper work
    And more since they are unaware of, or little aware of or have no ideas how to handle with them. Be noted that we just help them to deal with tasks as a translator or an interpreter only and nothing we can do beyond that. However such services delivered by us are noticeably effective. That is why more and more come to engage us for all these solutions. What is more, we are occasionally hired to perform interpretation services for interviews at the consulates as well.


    Be informed that we not only provide document translations but also interpretation services. So there is no doubt that we have qualified interpreters available for clients who wish to hire them to handle on their behalf:

    • Conferences
    • Workshops
    • Seminars
    • Gatherings
    • Private and public meetings, etc.

    They held either in the city center Phnom Penh and the provinces with the most competitive rates offered. With our interpreters, we can provide clients with guarantee that their seminars, workshops, gatherings and etc will run smoothly, possibly might surpass clients expectations for they are highly experienced, thoroughly selected, and possess extensive knowledge in relation of the topics raised in such seminars, workshops, gatherings and etc.

    Since its establishment in the late 2007, Perfect Translation Services Co.,Ltd has been the preferred resource for translation and interpretation, and other language related services, having been offered various services by our valued clients including:

    • Individuals
    • Businesses
    • Local and international NGOs
    • UN Agencies Cambodia based international embassies, government bodies
    • Other entities and more

    Here you are a few of our clients who have so far utilized and trusted our services:

    • U.S Embassy Phnom Penh
    • JICA Cambodia Office
    • JICA-GDT Project
    • JICA Study Team (National Institute of Education)
    • Plan Cambodia
    • Help Age International Cambodia
    • Population Services Khmer (PSK)
    • Population Services International (PSI)
    • AusAID
    • Australian Embassy Phnom Penh
    • Word Vision
    • Roomchang Dental & Aesthetic Hospital
    • Pachem Dental Clinic
    • TOTAL
    • FM 102.5 River Radio
    • Informax Real Estate Service
    • Higher Education Quality and Capacity Improvement Project (HEQCIP)
    • And more...

    Extensive network of highly qualified, professional translators and interpreters (creative thinkers, hard workers, innovators, visionaries and pioneers).

    • Specializing in a large variety of translation and interpretation services.
    • Dedication to the highest quality and turn around times.
    c54077c180166b3f29d714270d86e4dd4d98ce2c.jpgWe know we are a little biased, yet we think and believe our team members are the most amazing people you will ever meet. Their talent and dedication drive our success and when they put their minds into it, there is nothing they cannot achieve.
    1. Translation
    2. Interpreting
    3. Editing/proofreading
    4. Transcription
    5. Immigration and consulate translation
    6. Localization
    7. Sound equipment for rental for any size event, anywhere in the country (earphone, sound proof booth, multiple language transmitters and etc.)
    8. Copy writing
    9. Adapting
    10. Language consultancy
    11. Subtitling
    12. Other language related services (typesetting, professional assessment of translations, etc,)
    13. Graphic design services (logo design, flyers and brochures, business cards, stationary design, power presentation, print ads/magazine, banners and etc.)
    We are here to help you to handle the translations of any language in any text type for we cover a wide spectrum of subjects and fields as mentioned earlier including legal, medical, dental, pharmaceutical, financial, various technical fields, education, health, science, agriculture, industry, culture, politics, economics, website, project management, IT, development, human resources, operations, marketing and more.



    IV. Each and every Perfect Translation Services Co.,Ltd client receives personal attention and service from our assigned project manager who ensures each professional project, big or small is given equal attention and deadlines are strictly adhered to. Only our certified translators or interpreters well familiarizing with the requested topics are assigned to perform for clients. So there is no doubt that the works they deliver are of the top quality and highly acceptable.


    V. We save client time and let our professionals take care of clients translation needs so that clients can concentrate on the growth of their businesses.

    We provide services on transcriptions and translations for voice-over which are mostly entrusted by companies or organizations’ researchers, survey takers as well as film companies. Besides, we also work on subtitling into Khmer and English which is another area of our exceptional expertise.


    Perfect Translation Services Co.,Ltd. is an industry leader in providing the highest quality translations to and from various languages including:
    • English
    • French
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Thai
    • Vietnamese
    • and other unspecified languages available upon request
    With its more than 7 years of experience handing translation projects of any size, scope and language with personal touch, dating back to the late 2007. It has relatively enjoyed excessive support from its clients, both local and international and is widely accredited as one of the best translation companies within the Kingdom of Cambodia.


    Our certified linguists can translate or interpret in more than 30 different languages and very translation is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Perfect Translation Services Co.,Ltd s‘quality translation services allow its clients to communicate quickly and effectively with their customers and partners and further their brand by reaching more people.


    • Quality
      The quality of the work we do for clients is our principle concern. To ensure we hire only people of the right quality to deliver our professional translations, we look for only candidates who can satisfy our stringent requirements. 100% satisfaction guarantee: every translation by us comes with a promise to work with clients until they are satisfied.


    For more information; please click on here!