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  • Sole Proprietorship
  • No. 13, National Road No. 4, Sangkat Chom Chao, Khan Porsenchey Phnom Penh, 12405 Cambodia
  • <div> <h2 class="tmargin tpad xs-text-center xs-center-block clearfix">More About RMA Cambodia - Special Product Division</h2> <p>RMA Cambodia, a Diversified Company Providing Essential Products and Services in support of infrastructure development projects implemented across the country.</p> <p>RMA Cambodia has earned a powerful reputation as a provider of fleet and retails solutions and for service as the sole distributor of world class automotive brands such as Ford Motor Company since 1997. RMA Cambodia provides all types of purpose-built vehicles at the highest brand standard levels as a “Qualified Vehicle Modifier” (QVM) for Ford Motor Company.</p> <p>The RMA Cambodia Group of companies serve customers with innovative solutions at the product and system level through engineering and manufacturing facilities that are state-of-the-art; through networks and methodologies managed by industry specialists at every level. RMA logistic systems and support mechanisms assure clients of continued support.</p> <p>RMA Managed Contracts Services division specializes in post conflict and development markets globally, providing critical solutions and support systems where they are needed most and where reliability, responsiveness, and innovation matter.</p> <p> </p> <p>RMA’s professionals are experts in their respective core competencies, who can develop innovative solutions to a comprehensive range of project needs that involve infrastructure systems, planning &amp; logistics, and training programs in these areas:</p> <ul> <li>Land Systems and Support</li> <li>Logistics</li> <li>Infrastructure</li> <li>Contingency Operations</li> <li>Training &amp; Mentoring</li> </ul> <p>Our products include all aspects of vehicular fleet composition, supply and support; including purpose-built vehicle modification, all necessary after service, parts delivery and customer training as may be required for the most challenging project in the most remote location such as rural areas of Cambodia such as Mondulkiri, Ratanakiri, Pailin and Steung Treng provinces.</p> <p> </p> <p>RMA is a provider of heavy equipment products and solutions in construction, road building and maintenance, and agriculture. RMA are agents for the world's leading brands in these industries. RMA supplies power generation products and systems to power plants, hospitals, government building complexes and public locations and in telecommunication and remote population locations.In post conflict, development markets, and in geographies difficult to access, RMA are experienced providers of infrastructure systems and solutions essential to populations in need of important life-quality, life sustaining, and community support. Such systems are for land transportation, primary and backup power systems, communications, and essential, project-critical supply needs.</p> <p>Innovative Solutions &amp; Global Reach</p> <p> </p> <p>For decades, RMA Cambodia has managed the most complex logistics issues. Distributing cargo and vehicles nationwide to and from post-conflict and transition regions requires proven global logistics methodologies. RMA has perfected its systems and processes after overcoming almost every imaginable obstacle.</p> <p>From more than 10 years, RMA Cambodia has been an authorized distributor of specialized products such as 3M, a diverfisied brand serving customers and communities with innovative products and services at global scales, Karcher, a leading brand from Germany that has its unique expertise in home and industrial equipment and lastly Tellus, a professional in industrial storage system and material handling.</p> <p>RMA Cambodia is a provider of the equipment, services, and comprehensive solutions that respond to commercial and humanitarian needs. RMA supplies and supports commercial enterprises that engage in construction, road building, utilities, telecommunications, mining, industrial and those include aid and development contractors. Our customer are also governments or government agencies, aid and relief organizations, peacekeeping missions, and other non-commercial enterprises. We are a specialist provider of infrastructure solutions through a comprehensive network of resources and through sophisticated logistics and supply-chain systems that support our products and services in market.</p> <div class="clearfix"> </div> </div>