Defender Professional Security Service Co., Ltd.

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  • Sole Proprietorship
  • No. 20HV, St. 200R Phnom Penh, 12106 Cambodia
  • <div> <h2 class="tmargin tpad xs-text-center xs-center-block clearfix">More About Defender Professional Security Service Co., Ltd.</h2> <span class="xs-text-center">Defender Professional Security Service Co., Ltd. (Defender) is one of professional security companies in Cambodia. Defender is found under the authorized license of Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Commerce. Defender does know the needs of security service and how to respond to it because Defender is full of senior security officers who have been serving in security field for years.Defender management keeps thinking and researching for new ideas and security measures to improve their security standard because security threat and problem doesn’t often happen at the same way. What Defender has been doing is to counter security threat and respond to security problems at the need of our clients.Defender has a vision that only well-trained and professional guard will bring real quality. Each Defender guard has to go through all security lessons during a specific training period before sending to field. Those basic lessons guard need to go through are:<br /></span> <ul> <li>Basic of security</li> <li>First Aid</li> <li>Checking</li> <li>Ethic</li> <li>Hygiene</li> <li>How to use fire extinguisher</li> <li>Inspection</li> <li>Traffic facilitating</li> <li>Writing report</li> <li>Self-protection</li> <li>Follow Client’s instruction</li> <li>Cooperate with police</li> </ul> <span class="xs-text-center">While providing its guards to protect client premises, Defender has set up a multi patrol checks its guard at each client premises to make sure best security is given and client’s properties are safe. Defender forms a special team to standby at its compound for responding to the urgent intervention. Defender also has good cooperation with police.Defender has high commitment in providing good security service to clients throughout Cambodia. Meanwhile, Defender is also valuing and facilitating their employee living standard.It is because Defender does know your need. Defender will provide you the best security service for 24h/day and 7days/week including weekend and holiday. You will get these benefits:<br /></span> <ul> <li>Well-trained and professional guard</li> <li>Safety is guaranteed at your premises 24h</li> <li>Area patrolling agent provided in addition to guard</li> <li>No uniforms and security equipment expenses</li> <li>No payment for overtime</li> <li>No payment for holiday</li> <li>No payment for area patrolling agent</li> <li>No payment for intervention team</li> <li>No payment for security consultant and survey</li> <li>No payment for security investigation</li> </ul> <span class="xs-text-center">Overall, Defender has high commitment to make its clients feels secured and satisfied with Defender's security guards, who are firmly applying Defender's theory (loyalty, morality, energetic, self-improvement and conduct for good result) </span></div> <div> </div>