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  • ជាសាធារណៈ
  • August 12 2019 6:30 PM - August 12 2019 ((GMT+07:00) Bangkok)
  • Bambu Stage Cambodia · Siem Reap, Siemreab-Otdar Meanchey, Cambodia
  • Bambu Stage, one of Siem Reap’s premiere Arts theaters, showcases classical Khmer shadow puppet theater with an “outside of the box” approach to live storytelling. Puppeteers use pressed and dried leather sheets intricately cut and carved in the shape of people, gods, mystical spirits, animals, and even Cambodian stilt houses. Illuminated from behind as if by a giant fire, the puppeteers give movement and voice to the shadow beings they magically bring to life. There are live musicians playing traditional instruments and creating sound effects during performances. What’s most unexpected about the show is that the puppeteers and musicians break the fourth wall. The puppeteers emerge from behind the curtain and bring the story face to face with the audience. Unobstructed and deconstructed, the performance suddenly sits somewhere between a staged Fellini film and the unmasking of the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz. The surprises aren’t limited to live action sequences; the puppets always have a way of stealing the show. Performances range from (mostly) traditional stories, to original creations that highlight innovations blending puppetry, shadows, live theatre and modern videography. A dinner banquet is available for after the show for an additional fee. Drinks are available for purchase at the bar