How do I create the product?

    There is two way do add your product into the ePOS terminal.

    In ePOS App: Directly create a product with ePOS App (Advisable for a single store or Micro Business Account).

    1. Login to your ePOS App. 
    2. Click on “item” 
    3. Click on (+) to create a new item.
    4. Fill up product information
    5. Click on “Save”


    In Riich Business App: Riich business app is designed as the back-end for the M-SMEs business owner to manage businesses via smartphone, it is developed with a robust system with all-in-one features, where business owners can turn a smartphone into a business management device.

    1. Download “Riich Business App”, Click here. (Applicable for both Android & iOS).
    2. Create your store
    3. On the seller dashboard, click on “Catalog”
    4. Click on “Create product”
    5. Fill up product information 
    6. Click “Save”.
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