Where can I find my Riich settings?

    To find your settings:

    1. Click [∇]  in the top right of any Riich page.
    2. Click Settings, then click on the setting you'd like to update from the options in the left sidebar.

    Settings include:

    Profile Information - edit the information like your full name, email address, birthday, gender, username (e.g. https://www.riich.me/yourname, country, city and your privacy.

    Settings Notification System- edit what do you want to notify.
    Change Password - Edit or change the new password of your account.

    Email Email notification settings - Edit if you what do you want to notify you via your email address.
    Subscription Management - Update your subscription package
    Activity log - Review all the activities that happens related to your Riich account.
    Relationships - Edit your relationship status.



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