What is sale automated system?

    Riich Automated Sales System - RASS is the automated sale system that design by Riich to support the small and medium business to triple sale revenue. The automated sale system is a unique feature for Gold Business Sponsor, to activate the sales automated system, please follow the below steps:

    [1]. Sign up to your account

    [2]. Make sure you upgrade your store/business into Gold Business Sponsor.

    [3]. Create your store if you don't have the store

    However, if you already have the store, you are merely creating your new product and submit your product to the affiliate program. 

    [4]. Go to your store and Click on manage product.

    [5]. In the product list, you can find an option to "Promote" product.

    [6]. Click on "Promote" and select the number of days that you want to promote and click submit.



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