Is it safe to pay via RiichPAY?

    To use Riich PAY, users need to have a user’s profile with Riich and verify the wallet by linking up with credit card or Paypal account to receive or sending money and also when using payment and other money-transferring features.

    There are preventing the Riich PAY features from being used even if a Riich account is logged in to by a third party. To maximize its strengths as a mobile service, users will be required to verify their Riich account on their smartphones each time even when making payments on the PC site, making it impossible for an unauthorized third party to use the service fraudulently. Apple Touch ID verification is also used (iPhones only) to view the user’s password and even for smartphone verification when using the PC site, fingerprint logging in will also be applied all mobile applications.

    Riich also utilizes a monitoring system to detect and report accounts that are suspected of illicit activity and will work to ensure a safe and secure payment service for its users. RiichPAY will comply with the standards of EU’s financial institutions and the RiichPAY Global that will manage its service to ensure the financial security of all of its users.


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