How to add new attriubutes to your product?

    If your products have multi colors and sizes, you can create attributes for your product:

    1. Go to "Seller Dashboard"
    2. Go to Catalog and click on "Attributes."
    3. Click on "Create new attribute." e.g. iPhone8- colors
    4. Create a new attribute name and click "Save."
    5. Go to  "Manage Attribute"
    6. Select your attribute and click on "Sub."
    7. Click on "Action" and select "Add new"
    8. Create a new sub-attribute. e.g., iPhone - Black color.
    9. then click "Save." 


    Follow the steps [6], [7], [8] to add sub-attributes for other colors. 

    ***If your product has different sizes, you can follow the steps [1] - to [8] to create attributes for your product sizes.


    How to add "Attributes" for your products.

    For new product listing, on the new product creation page:

    1. Click on "Attributes"
    2. Click "Add Attributes" and select "Add."
    3. Select "Attributes" that you want to add to your product.
    4. Click Select and then click "Save."

    To create new attributes for your existing products.

    1. Go to "My store" and click on "Manage products."
    2. Click on the "Edit" button
    3. Follow the same steps [9], [10], [11], [12] above.








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