How to add new attriubutes to your product?

    If your products having multi colors and sizes, you can create attributes for your product:

    [1]. Go to "My store" and click on "Attributes."

    [2]. Click on "Create new attribute." e.g. iPhone8- colors

    [3]. Create a new attribute name and click "Save."

    [4]. Go to  "Manage Attribute"

    [5]. Select your attribute and click on "Sub."

    [6]. Click on "Action" and select "Add new"

    [7]. Create a new sub-attribute. e.g., iPhone - Black color.

    [8]. then click "Save." 


    Follow the steps [6], [7], [8] to add sub-attributes for other colors. 

    ***If your product has different sizes, you can follow the steps [1] - to [8] to create attributes for your product sizes.


    How to add "Attributes" for your products.

    For new product listing, in new product creation page:

    [9]. Click on "Attributes"

    [10]. Click "Add Attributes" and select "Add."

    [11]. Select "Attributes" that you want to add to your product.

    [12]. Click Select and then click "Save."


    To create new attributes to your existing products.

    [1]. Go to "My store" and click on "Manage products."

    [2]. Click on "Edit" button

    [3]. Follow the same steps [9], [10], [11], [12] above.








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