How to promote or feature my businesses?

    Business sponsor and feature is the most powerful platform that you can build your business brand awareness, make your businesses stand out from the crowd, get connect with your customers, and improve your customer relationship.

    You can sponsor or feature your business by the below steps:

    Step 1:

    [1]. Click on "Businesses" at the left-hand side menu or Click on"My businesses" at your profile page.

    [2]. Select any business or sub-business that you want to promote

    [3]. Click [...] at the top of the righ-hand side of your business and

    [4]. Select "Edit"

    Step 2:

    [5]. Click on "Upgrade" or "Feature my business."

    [6]. Click "upgrade now." ***For business features, you need to select the number of days that you want to feature.

    [7]. Select "Payment Method"

    [8]. Click "Pay now" and confirm your payment.






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