What are the Riich's Membership Program (RMP)?

    Riich is an e-commerce solution that genuinely supports the M-SME with following membership program:

    1. Micro-Business: This is an individual membership package for an individual who wants to own an e-commerce business without having a product. The Micro-Business member can own an e-commerce store and add thousands of products to the individual stores to resell and earn PASSIVE income.

    2. Small Business: This package is design support to the small business to transform the traditional business to e-commerce, to maintain repeated sales, exposure to the international market, and increase sales revenue.

    3: Medium Business: The most popular membership program, with a full supportive sales and marketing program such as; Sales-automated system, One-click promote the product, free ads credits, fully online support, store management, and digital consultancy, access to the wholesales order, product photography & graphic design, includes content marketing.

    4. Enterprise: The truly supportive program to increase sales revenue and allows you to transform the traditional business into e-commerce completely. This package provides you a full consultancy on digital marketing and sales strategy, with personal account manager, plus new product push notification, business matching, product photography, promotional videography that you can triple your sales revenue.

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