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    We, undergraduate students at Royal University of Phnom Penh, majoring in Tourism Management for 12th generation, are conducting a charity program under the topic of “Together We Make a Difference”. Seeing the difficulties of those rural students at Ou Choam Primary School and Ou Chaom Secondary School located in Ou Choam Kandal and Ou Choam Leu village, Kompong Lpov commune, Samlaut district, Battambang province where it is approximately 7 kilometers from Kompong Lpov Commune Center. In this charity purpose, we aim to enhance their learning possibility by providing them some study materials such as backpacks, take away bottles, books, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and shoes. Moreover, we hope to raise the importance of education, build awareness about environment, teach them about hygiene or sanitation in their daily life. In addition, we would like to form a well relationship between them by pushing their participation to our joyful games.
    II. Project Objectives
     To provide study materials
     To share study experience and show the values of education
     To heighten awareness of environment
     To introduce how to be hygienic
     To encourage them to participate in our charity program

    III. Expectation Outcomes
    We expect that our project provides them some study materials which help to ease their families’ burdens so that they will be pushed to make more effort in their learning process. Furthermore, they will be improved by learning new knowledge about environment as well as about hygiene for their healthy life. Besides, they will get our sharing with love and build up good relationship or solidarity with other students.
    IV. Why should you sponsor us?
     Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
     This project aims to purposefully help rural students at Ou Choam Primary and Secondary School without having any personal benefits.
     All funds that have been sponsored is going to be directly contributed to implement project.
     Your company will become a part of helping rural children who needed the help.
     Sponsorship Branding and Promotion
     Your company or organization logo will be put at the end of our video.
     You will be promoted in the name of our big sponsor for this charity event.
    TEL : 017 919 949 
  • $3000.00
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