Perhaps to create sets with bonus skills


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  • Do you think OSRS gold should undergo a mining/smithing overhaul?
    It's not going to go over well. In order to make smithing relevant it would be necessary create new armors and weapons. That warding was not able to work would make the situation less balanced with other styles of combat. Do you want a suitable armor set that is superior to Torva or do you want an immense skill overhaul which is dead content upon arrival?
    This requires you to add the smithable dragon at minimum, and to rework the KQ and RDT drop tables , as and metallic dragons. In addition, fletching and mining have to be altered. There is a lot to be done, but this does not mean the skills aren't outdated.
    I don't want an RS3 style rework that adjusts levels. However, I'd be open to additional materials to smith using, which might require an additional ingredient to smith. Perhaps to create sets with bonus skills or armor that is equivalent to ones that have higher levels but with a smaller alchemy amount.
    Short examples: shadowed iron requires a new drop in order to shade and steel bars. Set is identical to steel but gives a minor increase in the chance to pickpocket. Cold iron is made by making iron bars while wearing the salve amulet. This is a function of undead vs. Mith or iron elsewhere. Azurite, an alloy consisting of steel and mithril, which needs levels that are just above mithril to make, functions as an alchemy value, but is not as strong as steel and mithril.
    My personal favorites that ought to be the first priority for rework are woodcutting, smithing runecrafting, and mining (in this order). My opinion is that these skills are bad in all three areas of a skill: the XP (exclude smithing) as well as moneymaking and gameplay interaction (agility is also bad in these areas however, it's not as bad as the other).
    If working on those skills isn't a high priority, then an entirely new skill to spice the game's main gameplay is what I'd focus on next. I wasn't in the time of the artisans however I think this would be a really good way to incentivize other skills, for instance, how people are drawn to slayering to boost up their combat skills while unlocking new monsters and bosses.
    I find this amusing because I am a person who mainly sits in F2P and uses the same skills regularly to cut down on costs for Members. Even though they don't have any significance to members does not mean that they don't have significance in some other place. I'd prefer Cooking, Crafting and Fishing received an overhaul and I believe the skills in question are better placed overall cause they have been used in Members. Crafting is about as good as it gets when it comes to F2P Moneymakers.
    Fishing and cooking are the most simple for training to 99 in F2P. They complement each other. You can Mine Iron all the way to Runite Ore in F2P and get enough to form a bond with no loss over grinds similar to those of Members. Smithing remains the sole thing that really sucks, cause it's either silver Ore or spends money. But it's integral to making Coal Mining more AFK and less boring. And one of the few aspects that count on an F2P Ironman.
    Woodcutting Oaks is valid as an opportunity to save costs on Construction. It's also a huge drain on your time, so you might as well learn it through F2P instead of wasting your time and money on it. Its money makers can't compete with what you earn in members or F2P but you'll still get good exp/hr until you reach Bloods. Therefore, you could also make a camp Earth Runes. Combat is just the one thing that doesn't work in F2P. This is because Slayer and Members only Cheap RuneScape gold is available.