MT 2K23 might be at times


  • ជាសាធារណៈ (នរណាម្នាក់អាចមើលនិងចូលរួម)
  • Although this reward isn't always VC However, MT 2K23 might be at times and it's essential to take this reward every day to maximize the chances of earning VC.
    While trying to jump into pick-up games in MyCareer without spending money may be daunting, the NBA games and practices can provide a quick boost to that endeavor when done right. In MyTeam the lack of depth in competitive modes makes going up against other players who have paid for packs that much more difficult, and it makes the single-player modes far more attractive.
    It's virtually impossible to play in any mode in the recent NBA 2K game without running into microtransactions. And 2K23 is no exception. But, the franchise has been doing it so frequently that it's now almost background noise for consistent players, evidence that 2K is training people to anticipate these types of games.
    In addition to the unfavorable microtransactions as well as the overloaded hubs, one of the biggest issues are the mediocre developments for MyLeague, MyGM, and The W. Each of these modes still plays very well, however it's evident they're not a primary area of focus. 2K23 isn't much better than the game of last year for players who like these modes, aside from improved playability should players take to the court.
    However, even with its flaws NBA 2K23 still lands as an outstanding game due to its on-court display, and that's not even mentioning. It is more smooth than ever before, it's more intuitive and truly shines thanks to the haptic feedback on PS5 that makes every move feel more exciting. There's likely to be some wrinkles to be ironed out but it appears that the NBA 2K ship is heading fully-steam in the right direction thanks to the launch of NBA 2K23.
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