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  • There's something truly hilarious regarding a team with the No. one and Mut 23 Coins picks from the 3 and No. 1 picks from the Madden NFL 23 Draft, both of whom are quarterbacks. But neither has met expectations. While trading for Mayfield does not provide any foresight ahead of the most expensive QB draft ever, there is one scenario that could happen for the Panthers although it is still to be determined whether Carolina has a realistic plan.
    Before we dive into the ways this deal may be beneficial make it clear that I'm not happy about itfor the same reasons that I did back in May. I can't see any benefits in trading Mayfield in the case of the Panthers. They're perhaps the worst player in the NFC South, and Baker definitely isn't going to cause Carolina to compete with the Buccaneers to win the division title and in the NFC is such a murderer's row, particularly on the NFC West, that it's difficult to envision the possibility of a wild card in the near future. If this is indeed the magic sauce to put everything together, then the reward for the team is being forced to give Baker a huge contract that will keep him in the team based upon a small sample size, or to let him go without a price.
    What it does however will make the Panthers more watchable in 2022. If we go with the assumption they were never going to start Corral in his first season. The team may be discussing "open competition" for the time being but when the biggest obstacle is a subpar Sam Mut Coins Madden 23 who's already shown that he's not "the player," any pretense of the actual existence of a QB competition is for posterity purposes. In 2021. this was a team that was 5-12 and with Mayfield the team could be ... I dunno, 8-9?

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