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  • That brings me to my last point, PvP WoTLK Gold servers. As I stated before their sole purpose is to enable the type of wpvp content you’ve seen so far. The draw for most who enjoy this type of content is the fact it’s not fair, it’s a war zone. You will never have all your cooldowns, you will never have fair match ups, you will get stomped, you will get camped, and you will find ways to survive and do the same to others.
    In a bg or arena setting, the skill cap only allows you to ever simply beat the enemy team. In wpvp, you can have a 5 man wipe a 40 man raid. I don’t know if you’ve ever won a 1:8 fight, but it’s a blast, literally.
    People will get super creative, they will use every potion and engineering item in the game, they will abuse game mechanics like boat respawns, anything and absolute everything to give them a leg up against often overwhelming odds… and win.
    As time passes, different zones will start to have different rules. If you want to do 5-10 mans, plaguelands, if you want 40 mans, TM/BRM, if you want 1-2 mans, shimmering flats or other “unpopular” zones. There will be different type of wpvp content for whatever you feel like playing, and people who want that specific type of content will go to those specific zones. I play a on a full server, and even we don’t have constant zergs everywhere. They happen, but the vast majority of pvp is 5-10 mans.
    At the end of the day you should do the type of content you want, but understand that just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it’s a problem that needs to be fixed. PvP servers are solely for buy WoTLK Gold, if you don’t like wpvp, or if wpvp isn’t what you thought it was, nothing is stopping you from transferring or rerolling on a pve server.

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