Riich – is integrated social network and e-commerce into a unique platform.

Base in H-1118 Budapest, Nagyszalonta u. 15, Budapest, the capital of Hungary central of Europe country. Riich is the
all-in-one platform and the new model of business that turns social media into e-commerce, all the Riich’s members can
build an e-commerce business or online store with just a few clicks. Riich is providing online social network service,
marketplace and affiliate marketing, online payment gateway (RiichPAY), travel and tour packages and much more.

  • Affiliate
  • Marketplace
  • RiichPAY
  • Travel and
  • Taxi Booking
  • More

Riich is the revolution of social networks and turning the smartphone into learning, earning and sharing.

Riich members can create a business profile for FREE and list limited products and submit them into the Riich Affiliate program. This affiliate program is the powerful sale platform that supports the small and medium business by triple its sale revenue. Riich also offers Gold Business Sponsor service to boost products to stand out from the crowd; there are a lot more benefits for Gold Business Sponsor.

Be bold, be brave and be together!

Together we make the difference, we established it for the betterment, and we believe that “True Freedom” comes from great teamwork and unity.

Riich, is a combination between the two letter “ii” it dedicated that when two or more people meet each other we can do many great jobs, achieve for more significant results, we have the power to talk, the ability to bargain, the power to build financial FREE and different experiences of lifestyle.

“ii” together we can support, we can help, we can share, we can build a better community.

We make different “Users Experiences.”

  • Stay connected with the world and the BOLD!
  • Turn your smartphone into learning, earning, and sharing.
  • The cashless platform turns your smartphone into mobile banking.
  • Get up to 50% OFF when you buy the stuff or services from Riich’s affiliate partners.
  • Join for more than 100,000 affiliate partners.
  • Build your own e-commerce business with powerful sale management system just a few clicks.
  • Turn your smartphone into the online store and build a passive income.
  • Rich online supporting and marketing tools.

A powerful platform for “Businesses to Triple Sales Revenue.”

We simplified the sale management system and triple your revenue; value-added is our core of the business.

  • Triple your income.
  • Post unlimited products
  • Boost your sales with the most powerful affiliate program.
  • Build your global e-commerce business with just a few clicks.
  • Manage your business and sales with your smartphone.
  • Powerful payment gateway
  • Expose your brand globally
  • Transform tradition businesses into “Digital” with 24/7 online support.