Empowering the M-SMEs

Improving Cambodian’s Living Standard, With Riich Express Mall Wholesale Platform, Everyone can own a BUSINESS.

Riich App

The No. 1 Wholesale eCommerce for beverages supply such as; Drinks, Beers, Alcohol & Whisky.

Riich Express Mall App

The leading eCommerce Wholesale supply Fashion & Style, Clothes, Shoes, Cosmetic, Vitamins & Food supplements.

ePOS – Go Digital App

ePOS Go Digital is the social contribution platform, that was established to empower the M-SMEs and especially the micro-business by digitalizing and transforming the micro business or family business to the Digital World and eCommerce, to double sales revenue and improve people living standards.

The Five Core Value for ePOS – Go Digital App

  1. The new generation of Point of Sale.
  2. Go Digital platform.
  3. Double sales system.
  4. Sales enforcement.
  5. Simplification.

Riich Business App

View your store's sales, stock records, analytics anytime, anywhere from your mobile device.

  • No technical skills are required.
  • We simplified the hard job for you and allow you to manage businesses with the smartphone, anywhere, anytime.
  • To manage and creating new products.
  • Real-time managing sales transactions.
  • eCommerce and Internal Sales Management.
  • Customers Management System.
  • Marketing System.
  • Stock & Inventory Management.
  • eCommerce Inventory Management.
  • Dynamic sales report.
  • Delivery Management System.
  • Staffs Management System.
  • And much more.

eMarketplace App

eMarketplace was established with a strong vision to empower and digitalize Micro Businesses and improve the living standard for the people.

Our differentiation
The eMarketplace App is truly a none-profit orientation, we don’t charge any commission fee, all products are listed by Cambodian Micro Business Owners. Your submitted order will sync directly to the seller's ePOS and help them to increase sales revenue.

Your selection to buy the products from the eMarketplace App is a great support to the local micro businesses’ owner and help the Cambodian community.