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We all know that technology changed the world and our lives and it’s rapidly grow from day-to-day. Social media is became a part of our lives that connected people around the world, allows people to share photos, videos or daily life activities to their friends and family. Social media is became the popular communication tools for people to send instant messages, voice and video called etc.

However, if we look at other side, people spent a lot of times to stay online with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat,Tiktok etc. Base on the survey in average people spent more than two hours in the social media while some others are spending more than four hours a day and starting to disconnect from direct communication, earn NOTHING and wastes.

Riich – is the revolutions of social network that makes the difference, our vision is to transform smartphone, tablet and computer into learning, earning and sharing.

We built community for the bold where people can connect to the world and the genius. This Social e-commerce platform will help people to create e-commerce or online store within few minutes, turning smartphone into global online business and earn PASSIVE income.

If your dreamed to be Netpreneur, Internet Millionaire, Owning ecommerce store, drop-shipped site that run 24 hours a day, the business that operates everywhere around the world, if you are looking for passive income and financial free, then you come to the right place.

Build your e-commerce business or online store without having product and it’s started with only a few steps.


You don’t need to worry about inventory and delivery, all you need to do is sign up an account, open your online or e-commerce store, browse favorite products in the marketplaces, add products into your store, promote your store and ready to earn.

It is brilliant opportunities – for you to build your online store, or ecommerce store that truly work and it is simple then what you ever think, there is no any installation fee, no monthly fee, no maintenance fee.


All what you need to do is to get your account and upgrade to lifetime Premium Membership at only USD50 and you will receive entire benefits:

  • Immediately receiving $50 US dollar credit for FREE and you can use this credit to buys any products within Riich Marketplaces.
  • There’s always a special offer for the “Genius”, you will get up to 50% off for every time you buy the products from Riich’s affiliate partners.
  • Joining for more than 100K Riich worldwide’ s affiliates
  • Joining FREE training program
  • Opportunity to receive “Outstanding” awards and rewards from Riich Global.

Change your habit, change your life. Be the bold, be ready to build your PASSIVE income and financial free.

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Frequency Asked Questions

Can free members creates store and add products into marketplaces?

Yes, free members can create store and add products into the store or marketplaces, however free members cannot submit the products into Riich affiliate program or automated sale system, this function is only available for “Premium”, to unlock the full services, please upgrade to Premium Membership.

What is welcome bonus $50? I can convert to cash and withdraw it?

Welcome bonus is the bonus to Premium member for the first sign up and upgrading into premium membership. This credit is only able to use to buy products in Riich marketplaces and it cannot convert into cash or withdraw.

Can I create more stores for one account?

Unfortunately, one account can creates one store only. We don’t allow to create multi stores at the time.

What’s form of payment accepted?

You can upgrade your premium membership by using credit card or debit card such as VISA, Master card, AMEX and Paypal.

What’s Gold Business Sponsor?

Gold Business Sponsor [GBS]- is our premium service for business to make the products stand out from the crowd, FREE credit advertising, Free products promotions in the new feed, fully supports, joining awarding program by Riich global  and much more benefits. The investment for this package is USD495 per year. If you are ready to triple your sales income, we’re strongly recommend to upgrade into Gold Business Sponsor now!

How to add the product into my personal store?

It is simple, if you already create a store you just go to marketplaces, browse your favorite products, click on “Get link” in the product detail, product will be automatically added into your store and you view or remove it at your store. However if you don’t have store yet, you will require to create one.

I have my own products, Can I sell others people products at the same time?

Yes, you can. You can sell your own products or any products in the marketplaces, the list of products will be displayed at the personal store that can easily manage them.

My customers did not familiar with VISA, Master card or online transactions, can I use my credit card for payment on behalf of them?

We understand that many people still prefer to use cash to buy something and this happened for many countries. To upgrade premium membership, gold business sponsor or buying any ads campaign with Riich, you can use any credit or debits. However if you are paying the product fee on behalf of your customers, you will be fully response to collect the money and communicate directly with your clients.

Can I promote and sell the products to other countries?

E-commerce business or online business there is no limitation, you can sell products anywhere, anytime. However before selecting product, please make sure your supplier is able to deliver the products the market you selected.

Can I withdraw my earning to my local bank account?

Yes, you can request withdrawal via your local bank account, to avoid any interrupt for the payment, please make sure you provide the correct information such as, name of account holder, bank account number, bank address and bank’s swift code.

How long it takes to withdraw my earning?

It depends on the policy of your local bank, usually it takes 3-5 businesses while others countries take up to 7-10 business day. Anyway we are trying to proceed your payment as soon as possible without any delay.

What’s the minimum payout amount?

The minimum payout amount is $100, you can request for payout anytime as long as your available balance is over minimum payout amount.


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