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Opportunity to be techpreneur with #GoDigital Platform

If you have a dream to be a tech-entrepreneur if you have a high commitment to building a business for the future if are looking for an opportunity to build your own tech business. Then #GoDigital is the right place.

It’s truly Digital platform

Compatible with Android, .APK, iOS and Web-based application.

It’s 100% eCommerce.

Simple, safe and secured payment gate way. We work with ABA Bank.

It’s Automated Business Model.

Give you more freedom and passive income.


  • No technical skill require.
  • The platform was built with strong information technology infrastructure.
  • Applicable in Android, iOS and Web-based operation system.
  • Simple, effective.
  • Only one-time investment.
  • Minimum guarantee 15% return on investment per annum.
  • Buy-in guarantee with min. 15% of profit after first year.
  • 100% Digital and eCommerce.
  • 100% Automate business.
  • Profit up to 60%. Click here for pre-calculate.
  • Full authorization to recruit sub-franchise.
  • Life-time training and support 24/7.

Franchise Investment Package

Start with $250K. Limit only 26 packages by City or Province.

Basic Set-up and Decoration.

Life-time training.

Marketing Supports

Investment Certificate recognized by Riich

Sub-franchise recruitment authorization.

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How does it work?


Face-to-face consultancy with our Expert

Deposit $1000

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Complete payment

Start a business.

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Add telegram now: +1-551-225-8797 or Scan and Chat.

Or visit our office for face-to-face consultancy at Building 1291, street 1007, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sokh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Indeed, you need to have your location to start the franchise with ePOS Go Digital at least 40sqm and we will support to set-up.

Sorry, we allowed only one franchise per province or city, but you can directly deal with the franchise owner, if they re-sell the license then you can have the opportunity to take over the business.

To invest with us, you’ll have the full authorization to resell your franchised business for profit.

Please feel free to visit our office for face-to-face consultancy at Building 1291, street 1007, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sokh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

We accepted bank-to-bank payments such as ABA Bank, Acleda Bank, PPCB Bank.

Generally, there is no guarantee on the investment, but to invest with us, you will get min 15% of the monthly return on investment, or if you want to sell back your franchise license will buy in with +15% on your investment.

The platform was built with a strong information infrastructure and simplification. You don't need technical skills to start a business, all you need is passion and commitment, with basic English and computer skills.